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Noesis is affiliated with InPhO

The Indiana Philosophy Ontology Project


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November, 2008: The Indiana Philosophy Ontology Project (InPhO) is pleased to announce the release of the beta version of its Taxonomy Browser at http://inpho.cogs.indiana.edu/taxonomy/. This web-based service provides a simple navigation scheme for investigating related philosophical concepts, and provides an easy single-click interface for conducting focused searches on philosophical topics at the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Noesis, Google Scholar, and the entire web via Google. We welcome comments and feedback on improving this interface at inpho@indiana.edu.

The InPhO project also requests YOUR help. By answering some simple questions about the ideas in the InPhO taxonomy and about key philosophical thinkers, you can help us verify and refine the software that is used to build the InPhO. This will assist our ongoing development of new tools for representing philosophy, including a "thinker" browser and visualization tools for exploring the networks formed by ideas and thinkers.

Request an account through the "myinpho" link at either the taxonomy browser page or on the top level page at http://inpho.cogs.indiana.edu/. You'll be helping to create the most powerful and useful database of information about philosophy and philosophers anywhere.


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